From the Middle East [of peace the country] to Japan

Impact on keyword living can be seen in minutes [oil prices] -? ... From the Middle East [of peace the country] to Japan It will reach the post-war 0 years in Jerusalem of the Middle East. Where in the Middle East war and conflict towards the eye is in the everyday landscape. Looking at Japan from here, 0 years, I do not even believe that such there is a country that did not make war at once. If peace and prosperity to the contrary is seen from the norm of Japan, the Middle East will be much more distant world. However, Japan once invaded Asian countries, was a confrontation the military state with the international community. Now the appearance of exercise government forces and militants armed and violence uncontrollably in the Middle East, is also a figure of Japan of the past. The author for many years, working as a journalist in the Middle East, violence've seen satiate a negative chain that produce violence. The United States began the war in Iraq, is the prime example. The strongest army the world has lost 00 soldiers in the war on terror] of the year.