Lives of Syrian refugees | international born in Japan NGO AAR Japan

Impact on keyword living can be seen in minutes [oil prices] -? ... Fear of civil war 0 years since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, people who died as a result of battle is about million people, people who were injured is said 00 million people or more. And ,, 000,000 people have sent a refuge life at home and abroad. Civil war before the Syrian population is about 00 million people. People of truly country of half will be calculated that it was uprooted. Now Syria is also not only a ground war is continuing, air strikes are also frequent. Ground war is, but is most often occur in front of forces between the opposing clash, air strikes can happen anywhere, regardless of the front of the ground war. From Syria refugees came fled to Turkey [home with air strikes When you came back from the school had been destroyed], it will be asked often talk that [died the family can not escape a sudden air strikes]. People are always exposed to the danger of air strikes, we feel fear. Sluggish economy, prices to rise Combat is also cause weakness in the economy.