A place like Te Sudan! | Akihiro Nagashima's Sudan visit ... - JICA

Impact on keyword living can be seen in minutes [oil prices] -? FNN.jp ... View from the airplane that flew towards the Sudan from Abu Dhabi in the Middle East, was one side endless Sahara desert. A few hours that the endless scenery, such as the moon, visible had been Sudan's capital, which evolved along the Nile River, Khartoum of brown dancing dust. Southern Sudan is to 0 years until independence as Southern Sudan, was the major powers, which boasts the largest area in Africa. But in the second the size of Africa, it will hit in about double of Japan's land. Tribe of more than 00 are mixed forms a country with a population of about 00 million people. Many of the people are Muslim, but many Christian believers, without contest, I live and co-exist. The majority of the land in the desert region which follows from the Sahara Desert in the north, summer is often also more than the temperature of 0 degrees. The northern region of interest has been designated as a World Heritage Site [Melo et pyramid group], has attracted the interest of history lovers travelers.