Dependence on the Middle East crude oil

Impact on keyword living can be seen in minutes [oil prices] -? ... Crude oil dependence on the Middle East: Saudi, a high proportion of the UAE Oil, which accounts for about percentage of primary energy supply of Japan. It depends on a close split of its imports from the Middle East, most are transported to Japan in large tankers through the Strait of Hormuz. According to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy is summarized [Energy White Paper 0], domestic supply structure of the primary energy of Japan of 0 fiscal, coal, oil, and in the LNG (liquefied natural gas), the dependent on fossil fuel. The rest is nuclear power, was renewable energy. The maximum is a source of energy oil, relies almost 00 to imports from abroad, in particular, it is characterized by a high dependence on the Middle East. Japan is originally resource-poor country, we experienced the 0's twice of the oil shock, in addition to the efforts of the oil alternative policy and energy policy, aimed at diversifying the suppliers [de-dependence on the Middle East]. Increased imports from China and Indonesia, the year was to reduce the dependence on the Middle East until.