Creation of a Middle East Asia of women of employment opportunities

Impact on keyword living can be seen in minutes [oil prices] -? ... [Uni Charm] provides the creation and hygiene supplies of women's employment opportunities in the Middle East Asia Uni-Charm Co., Ltd. The provision of health supplies in the creation and affordable women's employment opportunities in the Middle East Asia With the expansion of the overseas market, Uni-Charm in up to 00 years, it is expected to expand the current year 00 million units of diapers of production and annual 000 million pieces of sanitary napkins production more than doubled. With 0 of hygiene articles Uni-Charm to production is produced in the MENA region and Asia, it will be sold to low-income layer of these areas. The production in part to local, Uni-Charm Egypt, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, in Vietnam, newly employs 000 women, plans to almost double the female employment in these countries. As well as streamline the production to localize production, by the simple packaging, Uni-Charm is, so far will provide these products to consumers of low income, which was not able to buy sanitary napkins and diapers .