Europe and the challenge of Islamism in the Middle East

Impact on keyword living can be seen in minutes [oil prices] -? ... Europe and the challenge of Islamism in the Middle East That lived over the years Egypt, was an important experience in my life. Islam and the Middle East of interpretation went great. It now will be about 2.0 years. I learned Arabic. In Egypt, we have some wonderful experience with people of the Coptic community. So, today be needed here, it seems especially pleased. This meeting is important. Adoreiyusefu said, in that it took this courageous initiative, should be praised. Human rights Union, international Christian solidarity, festival campaign of jubilee, especially while focusing on the Christians of Muslim countries, in the activities for the protection of human rights around the world, is intended to open all new road. To come out the voice of Copts from outside of Egypt, there is a particularly strong effect. As already heard today, and, in would be to hear again without a doubt, the Copts who live in Egypt, there is no freedom to speak, and even more, does not have a history of speaking do not hesitate.